Words in the Bucket is a platform where people with different expertise can share their knowledge on particular issues relating to development, environment, gender, human rights and current affairs.

We aim to remain neutral, and to have the sole purpose of sharing reliable information as well as enhancing the participation of people and experts from around the world.

We wish to remain Impartial and:

  • do not have any religious affiliations
  • do not tolerate racism or intolerance towards minorities in our articles
  • do not take any political side

In the selection of our contributors we do not discriminate against race or religion and take into consideration gender equality and minorities. Our selection is stricly judged on the academic and professional preparation of the contributor, and their mastery of the English language.

We have complete respect and sensitivity for contributors who wish to tell their stories, and respect any eventual wish to remain anonymous.

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About us

Words In The Bucket is a team of global citizens with the common goal of raising awareness and information about issues related to human rights protection, social inclusion, development and environment.

We are "Rethinking World Thinking"