Child Migrant Stories

Voices past and present

Child Migrant Stories – Voices Past and Present has been developed in collaboration with child migrants who came to East London under 18 from 1930 to the present day.  The website includes an introductory video and stories of over 30 child migrants from Turkey, Cyprus, Brazil, El Salvador, Poland, Italy, Southern Ireland, Vietnam, Jamaica, Antigua, Guinea, Nigeria, Rwanda, Yemen, Somalia, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The initiative, funded by the Centre fro Public Engagement of Queen Mary University of London, draws on research into child migration carried out as part of an AHRC CDA between V&A Museum of Childhood and Queen Mary, University of London.

We will update the website with Films and Spotlight Stories on a regular basis. We are also keen that this becomes a shared platform to collect new stories of child migration from across the world. This can be done through Tell Your Story. We are also interested in exploring contemporary issues through the Child Migrant Blog. Do let us know if you would like to become a guest writer by clicking here or sending an email to

We are excited to be working in collaboration with, and to contribute to, Words in the Bucket.

Eithne Nightingale, PhD Student, and Mitchell Harris, Film Editor/Producer

WiB Team

WIB team was founded by Virginia and Marco, and joined recently by Francesca, Irina and Laura.
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