Margarida Teixeira

Margarida Teixeira

Margarida is a Human Rights & Humanitarian Action Portuguese student in Paris, with previous background in Philosophy and Cinema. She is mostly interested in gender issues in the Persian-speaking world (Iran and Afghanistan).
  • Anti-gay, pro transgender

    Most people would associate Iran and Afghanistan with a religious fundamentalism that goes completely against the realities of transsexuality, transgenderism and homosexuality. And while it is true that both countries have a strong stance against what they call “sodomy”, Iran is currently the country with the biggest number of...
  • Can I be a feminist and still go to Iran?

    Two events of particular importance took place last week: the opening of the Women’s World Chess Championship and an official visit by Swedish EU Affairs and Trade Minister Ann Linde leading a business delegation in  Tehran. Both events have reignited the debate about how self-proclaimed feminists should engage with...
  • Is there hope for Afghanistan?

    Is there hope for Afghanistan? This is a question that has been asked innumerable times in the past 40 years: during Afghanistan’s war with the Soviet Union in the 1980s, during the Civil War from 1996 to 2001, during the NATO intervention, and more recently, with the increasing aggravation...
  • Meet the Afghan women challenging media dominance

    Afghanistan has been on the public eye for decades for the worst reasons. Widely considered to be one of the most dangerous countries to be a woman, the threat of the Taliban is now growing again, threatening the already precarious stability of the country. How many of us are...
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