Burag Gürden

Burag Gürden

Burag Gurden is a masters student at Lund University's International Development Programme. Before moving to Sweden, he obtained a BA degree in economics and got experience by working for a multinational bank in Turkey. He is a WWF volunteer and has a great interest in environmental conservation and preservation. His other enthusiasms are for consumer behavior and consumption patterns.
  • Deforesting deforestation

    Beginning with the construction of the Transamazon Highway in 1970s, the deforestation of Brazil’s Amazonia has become a significant global issue, not only because of the biodiversity loss and ecological disruption, but also because of the extensive amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) released from burned forests and the loss...
  • What are we protecting?

    The American Bison, which is the symbol of the Native American culture and the national mammal of the United States, was numbering once up to 50 million in North America. Today bison have dramatically decreased in numbers, more than any other species on Earth, as they were nearly hunted...
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